The Issues


I believe all children deserve quality education. As a mother of five children in the public education system, I have seen the increase of class sizes and the growing burden on teachers.

I believe we need to reinvest in public education, value our teachers, and increase vocational training resources for our students.

I also believe that we need to get back to the principles enshrined in the Wisconsin Idea: "...[that] the beneficent influence of the University reaches every family of the state.” —UW President Charles Van Hise

Family Supporting Wages

My childhood gave me a different perspective on life.

I grew up watching my single mother battle addiction. At a young age, I had to be a second mom to my younger siblings. Later, I had to move through multiple foster homes.

All my life I've worked two or three jobs to make ends meet: no one who works 40 hours a week should live in poverty and no parent should have to balance the daily needs of their children against the necessity of taking a second or third job to avoid bankruptcy.


Everyday I fear what would happen if I get sick or hurt on the job.

I work for a not-for-profit organization and two part time jobs (roofing and sealcoating driveways) and none of them provide healthcare coverage.

We have so many hard working families in Wisconsin that are living without health coverage even with multiple jobs.

And the mental health crisis we are seeing—we need to identify and change state regulations that have created barriers to care for patients in need of primary and emergency mental health services.